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Broken Spring Repair

The springs in the garage door does the heavy work of closing the door. If the springs are not working properly, they may lead to unexpected closure or opening of the door which can cause a serious tragedy. Unexpected closure or opening of the garage door may hurt you or destroy your car and any other part of the garage like the ceiling, the frames of even the floor. Regular checkups are very important as they will help detect a problem with the spring before it becomes a tragedy. Spring replacement and new motor installation are very technical and they require to be performed by a qualified and experienced technician. At Glendale garage door repair NY, we have the right experts who have the best tools to replace your broken springs and solve other spring related problems. After replacing a torsion spring, it is important to prevent it from breaking easily and frequently. We first check whether the new spring has enough power to handle the weight of your door. If it is not strong enough, two springs are recommended on each side of the door to affirm that they can ably support the weight of the door. We also recommend regular oiling which prevents rusting which causes the spring to break. Balancing of the spring is very important. We adjust the spring to make sure it is well balanced for the door to operate correctly. Contact us today and we will handle all your spring related issues.

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